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A keynote speaker literally provides the “key note” for the event. Laura will handle any needs you might have during your event contact us.

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My book will help you learn more about what you can do in your 40’s and feel 20 again. Take look of a few pages of my book for free!

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Welcome to LauraPosada.com

Sometimes in life you want change, but you don’t know how to get started. Sometimes you feel stuck in the daily routine and realize there is no joy or passion in what you do. Sometimes you want to improve relationships with family and friends but are scared to take that first step. Sometimes you postpone it for the future. Sometimes you have life all planned out and life throws you a curveball… you don’t know how to react. Sometimes you need motivation to develop new opportunities and reach success.

You might be ready for change or you might just wonder if you are. It’s perfectly normal to wonder, but next time you do, consider all the possibilities. Having a life coach by your side can help you think outside the box, explore endless possibilities, bounce ideas of someone who wants you to succeed and aid you in developing a detailed action plan which will lead to a brighter future, starting today.

Why Laura chose Coaching?

My journey to become a coach started unexpectedly when I was faced with my son’s life threatening health issues. I was forced to focus on staying positive at all times, and help my family heal and grow. After his recovery, I started a Foundation to help others. My one on one contact with the families helped me realize I had the potential to transform lives. I chose to transform an obstacle into an opportunity and lead others do to the same with my coaching techniques.

Coach Laura’s mission

As your life coach my mission is growth, transformation, balance and living every day happy and motivated with a purpose and a vision. You can benefit from private coaching, attend one of my conferences as a motivational speaker or attend one of my seminars on various life changing topics. As your coach, I dedicate myself to your success. Together we can open the door to new opportunities and a brighter future.

With Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Drive success is attainable!