Three ways to stay healthy at 40

The 21st century is full of new advancements and discoveries. These discoveries provide information and allow us to become healthier! However, they can also be confusing. The more choices readily available, the harder it is to decide what works best for us. Luckily, I have discovered three methods that are fun and beneficial to your health.

Social Media Challenges: everyone has heard of these, from the military diet to the 30-day sugar-free challenge. The best part of them is the collective effort it takes, the excitement and fun that result. Thus, they are much easier to complete and it will make you feel accomplished at the end. Do not participate in unhealthy and risky diets, like diets that restrict or eliminate eating. Use your common sense and remember to go to consult your doctor over any major dietary changes.

Laugh therapy: seems funny, right? Jokes aside, this actually helps! A 2006 study by the University of Loma Linda in California found that laughter may be the best medicine yet! Laughter and even smiling have positive effects on your health, as it improves our immune system, changes the chemistry of our blood and even helps prevent depression and cardiovascular diseases. Have a girls’ night and laugh more, it may improve your health!

Experience the natural world: not only is it more fun to work out outside, but you can also experience nature in all of its beauty- the sun, grass, and flowers. A study conducted by the University of Illinois concluded that contact with the natural world improves our mental and physical health. The study considered the participant’s responses and medical tools like arterial pressure, immune systems, neurological results. Nature has many benefits, so what are you waiting for?