Taking Advantage of the Fear Surrounding the Pandemic

We currently live in times that we never thought we would live. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire world, at impressive speed. We may get that unpleasant feeling that any of us could be a victim of it. If that’s what you feel, I guarantee you’re not the only one. I think we’ve all thought about it at some point.

One of the feelings that is most common in the human race is fear. And it has a very clear evolutionary and biological function: it allows you to detect danger and stay safe. So, let’s start by saying that feeling fear in this moment of so much uncertainty is completely NORMAL. Don’t feel bad about being scared, but don’t let this emotion paralyze you either. I want you to use it to your advantage, so that you can move forward despite the obvious difficulties.

Use Your Fear to Protect Yourself and Your Family: analyze the things that are under your control and take extreme precautions and hygiene measures. Frequent hand washing, disinfecting products and bathing every time you get off the streets, social distancing, respecting quarantine are all things you can do to minimize the possibility of contagion. Focus on what is in your hands and not on the things that you cannot control. Take special care of the elderly.

Accept Your Fear Naturally, but don’t Feed it: we are overloaded with information, and much of it may be false or inaccurate. Get informed only once a day on official websites such as the World Health Organization or the Ministries of Health. If you see news that generates a strong reaction in you (anger, terror, frustration), stay away from those media, because they weaken you.

Put Things in Context to get a More Realistic Picture: what impacts us the most are the painful deaths, but we must also consider that, according to WHO figures, the vast majority of patients recover. Also keep in mind that, at this moment, the best doctors and scientists in the world are working at full speed to get a vaccine and a treatment, and that this is an absolute priority at a global level.

Use Your Fears to Strengthen Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually: yes, this has been and will be very hard, but it will pass and we will come out stronger and wiser, with so many learnings and lessons that we can only hope that everything will improve. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to build a better world. Remember that when all this is over there will be many opportunities to create and prosper and to do all those things that we did not do before.

We are all in this together and together we are going to come out of this stronger. I send everyone a big hug of solidarity, wishing you good health. For more advice, find me on my social networks @lauraposadalifecoach