Seven inspirational songs

We can often express what we feel with a song better than we can with our own words. There are some songs that speak to our soul and today I want to share with you these seven songs that inspire me:

  1. Live my life (Marc Anthony): This song celebrates life, just as it is, with its sorrows and disappointments, but also with its joys and pleasures. Marc Anthony tells us that we can celebrate the simple fact of being alive by dancing, laughing, dreaming and enjoying ourselves. After all, we have one life and we should enjoy it and live it fully, whatever happens.
  2. The color of hope (Diego Torres): We have all felt hopeless at some time in our lives, but after a dark night always comes a beautiful dawn. How many times has fear stopped us from doing something? This song tells us that we must dare to act, to look forward and, above all, dare to keep hope alive.
  3. Beautiful (Jarabe de Palo): What is most striking about this song is what it says about perspective. While some people focus on the negative, others can see the beauty and the positive in every situation. The situation will always be the same, what it is objectively; what can change is the color of your glasses, how you see it.
  4. Hey (La Sonora de Margarita): Who hasn’t danced to and enjoyed this song? The lyrics invite us to focus on the small details, “a moment of respite, a bottle of wine, a sigh, a look, a cheerful laugh”, things that sometimes we don’t even pay attention to but that, ultimately, are the basis for a happy life.
  5. I won’t give up (Luis Fonsi): Often we have to wait for something that we have wanted for a long time, for some deep desire that we carry inside of us. Maybe we haven’t obtained it because it wasn’t the right time, but what is inspiring about this song is that it asks us not to give up, that if we have to strive to achieve something that is so precious, do it, be it a romantic relationship or any other goal.
  6. Life is a carnival (Celia Cruz): This is a song that celebrates the joy of a carnival. When we are enjoying such a colorful party, we forget our problems and worries. If life itself is a carnival, then we should enjoy it as it comes. Celia tells us, quite rightly, that is it more beautiful to live singing.
  7. I feel good (Hombres G): Each day is a new opportunity to start again, to restart our life with a new starting point, a new dawn. This certainty that we can always start again is what makes us feel good. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, this new day is a gift that life gives us, to change what needs to be changed and we must take advantage of it.

And, what about you? What song inspires you and why? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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