People and Relationships
People and Relationships

If you want to improve your relationships with your partner, children, friends, parents, in-laws, associates, colleagues or the community, I will help you identify what factors may be damaging your personal relations and how you can get along better with everyone through communication and assertiveness techniques, body language management, empathy, cognitive therapy and more.

Find a soulmate

If you want to find a partner, I will guide you so that you know where to look for a person who wants the same as you, how to know if it is the right one for you and what you can do to attract, and stay with that special person by your side.

Develop emotional intimacy

Improve your relationship by learning how to express your emotions and thoughts in a healthy way, understand and support your partner so that the closeness and intimacy between you two grows and the relationship is strengthened.

Learn to communicate

Oftentimes we believe that communication is simply what we say verbally, when in fact most of what we convey is through our body language. I can help you master the art of body language to exert more influence on others, without them even noticing.

Learn how to trust

Let’s work on any trust issues you may have by looking for their root cause and removing any obstacles that is causing it, whether it’s insecurities, fears, previous negative experiences, lack of self-confidence, etc.