Mental and Physical Care
Mental and Physical Care

If you are seeking to take care of your body and mind, I can provide ideas and lifestyle advice, for you to make small but necessary changes to improve your health, allowing you to have a fuller, happier and more active life.

Reduce stress, worry and anxiety

I will teach you how to use some science-proven workout and relaxation practices to reach incredible levels of peace and quiet, live in the present and increase your focus, energy, good mood, and more.

Lose extra weight and gain energy

Together we will find out the true reason for your overweight, delve into any negative circumstance, trauma or misconception causing it, and then we will work on a practical formula that allows you to lose weight in a healthy but delicious way that lasts over time.

Switch to a healthy lifestyle

I will advise you on how to change your life by replacing harmful habits with habits that strengthen you, both physically and mentally. I will help you find a lifestyle that suits your own character and situation, and makes you happier.