The Mental Diet: Your Key to Happiness

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Laura Posada’s Mental Diet is a powerful tool, based on proven techniques to help women get out of any complicated situation they may find themselves in.

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In her third book, Laura Posada challenges us to imagine life as a baseball game, and that can make us think: basically, what is life but a game of strategy, of endurance, of learning to react and to change what does not work so we can win?.

Laura Posada is a celebrity in the world of life coaching and fitness, she is an outstanding writer, a law graduate and also a mother and a wife. And she is successful in all her facets. How does she do it? What drives her? What methods does she use? All these questions are answered in her book The Mental Diet, which main objective is to inspire and collaborate effectively so that women can be happy. With The Mental Diet, you will learn the keys to success from famous women such as Cristina Saralegui, Lili Estefan and María Celeste, among others.

You will change your vision forever, and what seemed impossible before it becomes a reality, is that you will know that you are the only owner of your destiny, that you have the power to rewrite your history, that each crisis, each challenge, are nothing more than opportunities to overcome your limitations and enjoy a full and HAPPY life.

6 reviews for The Mental Diet: Your Key to Happiness

  1. Mayra de la Cruz Córdova

    Excellent book with very motivating experiences that will help us to move forward, to get rid of our fears, to be grateful and above all, to become warriors. Thank you Laura Posada for sharing it with us.

  2. Sulheide Colina

    I found this book fascinating. I loved it and I highly recommend it. We all need to put her advice into practice and learn to always focus on our priorities.

  3. Jesli

    Excellent! A book worth giving to a loved one and reading more than once! I will always bring it with me so I don’t forget how important our thoughts are.

  4. Solcire

    It is an excellent, very educational and positive book. Easy to understand and implement. I highly recommend it.

  5. Frances Sáez

    I loved this book. Very motivating. It is definitely true that everything is in our mind. I was surprised by many of the stories of the women interviewed. Very good advice. I totally recommend it.

  6. Miryan Mino

    The Mental Diet is an interesting and easy-to-read book for women to make positive changes in our lives along with good examples and adverse situations that can be solved. I really enjoyed it on my daily train ride to work!

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