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Jorge and Laura Posada are not the kind of parents who say to their children, “Do as I say.” Their parenting mantra instead is, “Let’s do it together,” and the Posadas have always made good nutrition and fitness a core element of their family lifestyle.

5 reviews for Fit Home Team

  1. RMK

    AMAZING book for the entire family! Laura and Jorge Posada have a refreshing outlook on keeping their family active while having fun. I love the recipes and tips on what to keep in my kitchen!

  2. RBPReads

    A must read for all parents! Laura and Jorge are such great role models for all children, and parents, out there!! FIT HOME TEAM is a necessity in every home!

  3. Lola

    Loved it!!!! What an informative and fun read… if following this guide gets my family into the great that the Posada’s are in I think its money well spent!!!

  4. Carlos R. Rodríguez

    My wife convinced me to start reading this book. As I read it, I started thinking of how many of these things I used to do as a kid but, how little of them, with my busy schedule, I go about with my kids. We then decided to start doing some of the exercises and playing some of the games that Laura and Jorge mention here. Although we don’t do them every day, the kids really enjoy them and are constantly asking us for more. That motivates us even more to go out there and continue exercising with them. What started as a way to get the kids to have fun and be in good shape has also turned into a challenge for my wife and I to get into better shape as well. One of the things that I have also noticed is that the kids are getting along much better too. I strongly encourage anyone to pick up this book and read it. The good thing is that you can just read it little by little.

  5. Southpaw

    I found this book quite refreshing to read. Part cookbook, part health/fitness motivational tool, and partly a glimpse into the home life of a celebrity couple. The recipes are surprisingly good and ones that I either hadn’t seen elsewhere, or maybe wouldn’t have tried them before…? Though I was conscious, while reading this, of the great disparity between their household income and my own, I found the suggestions they offer to be ones that most everyone can use (which is not necessarily the case with a lot of these “get healthy” books – not everyone can afford to hire a person trainer or join a gym).

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