Our retreat experience

As you know, last week the #40isthenew20 Retreat was held in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 20 independent, powerful and beautiful warrior women from the United States and many Latin American countries united to experience together an amazing process of growth, renewal, transformation and realizing dreams, including one of mine. I had always dreamed of holding a retreat of this scale and, thanks to you women, I achieved it and for this, I feel deeply grateful. I love you all!

We had many activities and talks with excellent guest speakers, who I also want to thank from the bottom of my heart for joining us. In the #40isthenew20 talk we learned that, even though biological changes start to occur in our body after 40, there are things that we can do to slow down the natural course of life, maintain our wellbeing and feel happy and fulfilled at this stage; we also learned that we can set and achieve new goals and that life is just beginning. The fabulous stylist César Rosario gave us really great makeup and hairstyle tips to look and feel magnificent and divine at any age. Ingrid Macher, a top expert in the field of nutrition, imparted all of her experience in natural remedies and green juices, using really simple food that we have in the kitchen, to treat and prevent various conditions and to maintain our health in general. María Jacobo, an excellent image professional, spoke to us about the importance of knowing our body shape and which colors, styles, and clothes suit us and make us feel good, more so than fashion trends and, something that is really important, the relevance of body language. And the wonderful María Marín came to tell us how we can start to take the steps needed to achieve those things that we really desire and how to overcome the mental limitations that we sometimes impose on ourselves.

For me, the greatest thing was the sisterhood and solidarity that existed within the whole group. We supported each other, laughed and cried, did exercise, enjoyed ourselves, and danced and sang together. I know that a really strong bond unites us all now and that we have formed a support system that will last for a long time. This is just the beginning; from now on many more retreats are to come, but I will never forget those wonderful three days that I spent in your company, learning and sharing so many things with you all. Thank you so much!

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