I want to have surgery and I don’t know what

When you read or hear this phrase, immediately alarms go off in your head. Let me be very clear here, I am in favor of cosmetic surgery because sometimes one operation is all that is needed to correct something in your body or face that changes and increases your confidence and self-assurance. And now with the technological advances in the field of health, surgeons can work wonders with your breasts, nose, buttocks or your abdomen. However, when this becomes an obsession, it is unhealthy and can have serious consequences for your life.

How do you know if you have a cosmetic surgery and image disorder?

“I want to be perfect”: You are obsessed with perfection (and who decides what perfection is?) and you find too many defects with your body, even though objectively you don’t have any defects. Each body is different and each one has its charm, so why force ourselves to have a body measurement of 90-60-90 even when we don’t have this build? We do a lot of damage to ourselves when we treat our bodies in this way.

“I want to be the same as a certain actress or model”: Here we find a problem with our identity. You are you and the obsession “to be exactly the same” as a certain person can affect you personally and mentally. You can admire someone for their appearance or their talent but wanting to look exactly like this person is a personality disorder that needs to be reviewed and addressed. Why can’t you just be yourself? What prevents this? What do you need to love yourself more?

“I want to have surgery but I don’t know what”: There are women and men who have surgery like it was a hobby; once they start to have surgery, nothing stops them and they never feel satisfied. It’s important to remember that, even if it is a simple operation, an operation is an operation, it involves anesthesia and always has risks. Every year thousands of people, mostly women, die on the operating table while having cosmetic surgery. Don’t be part of this terrible statistic.

So, what is the solution?

If you have an image disorder, it’s important to seek professional help. It isn’t something you can solve by yourself and mental health professionals can be very useful to help you to have a healthy self-image. If you really need or want a particular cosmetic procedure, go to a recognized plastic surgeon with experience. Avoid getting these procedures in dubious or suspect establishments, spas or in any other place that doesn’t have everything that is needed in case of an emergency, even if they are much cheaper than a reputable clinic. You can’t skimp on these things as something cheap can end up being very costly.

I also want you to remember that true beauty comes more from the confidence and inner beauty that you project.