How to travel without spending too much (And enjoying a lot!)

A few decades ago, travel was a luxury which meant that only a small group of society had the means to go on trips. Nowadays, traveling has become more accessible to larger groups of people, without needing to have a high socioeconomic rank. According to a Google and Phocuswright (a private travel investigation company) study, 55% of people that travel for pleasure plan 1-2 vacations per year. And according to (an online travel agency), the main activities that inspire people to travel are: experience a unique cultural event (28%), learn a new skill (27%), make an epic trip through car or train (25%), and visit a remote place that offers a challenge or adventure (25%).

Travelling is one of my favorite activities because I have realized that the more I travel the easier it is to find myself, keep an open mind, and learn while enjoying myself. You might be thinking, “Sure all this is true, but traveling is expensive”. This is a myth, and if there are expensive ways of travel, there are also ways of planning trips according to your budget.

Travel with very little luggage: I know what you might be thinking, but it’s possible (backpackers do it all the time). If you plan to travel with small luggage you can find cheap airline tickets, and you won’t have to pay for extra luggage fees. You can find self-service laundries in any city you visit so that you can clean your clothes and this way you’ll save a lot of money (and the burden of carrying large bags) on your trip.

Travel during low season: due to low demand and offers, airline tickets, transportation, hotels, and tickets to special sites can cost even less than half of what they do during the high season. During this time, tourist attractions are less packed and you don’t have to spend so much time in lines, so there can be more time for enjoying yourself.

Use alternative options for transportation and accommodation: you’re going to spend very little time at your place of stay, so you can use new options like an Airbnb apartment, especially if you’re traveling with a large family or group. Or you can stay at bed and breakfast hostels which are very cheap and usually located near the center of the city. Instead of taking a taxi from the airport to your place of stay, try using public transportation so that you can save money and you’ll be able to experience the city.

Take advantage of last minute offers: if you have the flexibility to decide on a trip last minute, you can take advantage of special offers for airline tickets or even cruises at very low prices. You can check online travel agencies, select upcoming dates, and enjoy last minute offers and have an experience that you will never forget without too much planning.