How to take care of the skin after turning 40

A lot of things change when we turn forty, and one of those things is our skin, for which we have to be very smart about the way we take care of it. The hard reality is that after we turn thirty we start to lose two components that keep our skin firm, soft, radiant, and moisturized: collagen and elastin. At forty years old, the estrogen levels start to decline and our skin becomes drier, it has a hard time retaining the moisture and spots and expression lines start to form. This is a process that cannot be stopped, but with the proper measures, it can be slowed down. So let’s renew our efforts for a luminous, firm, young, and radiant skin.

Make sure it’s a daily ritual: putting on a bit of cream every now and then, using sunscreen when you remember, isn’t going to do much for you. This should be a ritual you do twice a day, in the morning and night, every day, without excuses and by all means. That way you’ll experience lasting effects.

Apply every product with a light massage: make sure not to stretch the skin or rub the creams. Apply the serum with light taps with your fingertips and allow it to absorb by itself. On the face and the neck apply the firming creams with soft circular movements to always reaffirm.

In the morning

Start with a morning cleansing: with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t remove the natural oils from your skin, to eliminate the dirty substances that might have compiled on your skin throughout the night. Afterward, apply a good moisturizer and your sunscreen.

The more sunscreen the better: although you might spend most of your day inside, make sure to put on your sunscreen. The sun’s rays are some of the most harmful forces for the skin, and can make their way through your house or office’s windows, harming your skin without you even noticing; I recommend that you use a dual sunscreen that moisturizes your skin at the same time, and one that has an FPS of at least 100. In my case, I prefer products that aren’t greasy and can sustain sweat and water.

At night

At night, remove all makeup as part of your cleaning: you can use wet wipes to completely remove makeup. There are products that are specially made for cleaning your face that can moisturize and not dry up your skin. Try to use a good cleaner with a gel that carries one of your best friends for retaining moisture on your skin, the hyaluronic acid.

Don’t forget your facial cream and eye serum before you go to sleep: retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is a strong force for anti-aging because it works diligently to fix your skin while you sleep and will have you waking up feeling rejuvenated. For this make sure to use a nighttime cream that is full of retinol, and lightly massage your face and neck (don’t ever forget the neck!). Also use an antioxidant serum that is special for the eyes, preferably retinol oil, that is more concentrated for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. You can start by using it two times a week, at a concentration of 0.3 and slowly go up 0.5 and even 1% so that your skin can adapt through time.


Undergo a microdermabrasion treatment: in your 40’s the abrasive and strong exfoliators can cause more dryness and sensibility on the skin. Microdermabrasion is a light treatment that delicately exfoliates with a microcrystal spray that targets the outer layer of dry and dead skin, and also stimulates the natural production of collagen, elastin, and circulation. There are some kits in the market to do the treatment without a problem at home.