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How to Stay young Despite the Ups and Downs of Life

We know that keeping youth forever is not possible, but surely you will meet people who seem to never age. Whatever age they are, they always look radiant and lively, as if they have the secret for eternal youth. And it’s not that they don’t have problems, they surely do, like everyone else. The difference is that they have discovered the art of staying young despite whatever situation they may face. Do you want to be one of them? Pay attention because today I am going to share some small tips that will help you achieve it.

Positive Thinking: it is essential to believe in yourself and maintain a positive attitude. It is not easy because many times the problems are so serious that they exceed our ability to adapt. Something that helps me a lot is to firmly believe that everything will happen at some point and that what I am facing today, in the future I will see it as a lesson or an opportunity to get something positive out of it.

Managing Stress: this is enemy number one of lasting youth. Some ways to de-stress after a difficult day (or week, or month) are listening to music, dancing, cooking, gardening, practicing a hobby, or watching a series or movie. Having satisfying sex also helps a lot in this regard.

The Activity: “young people of any age” never stop. They are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually active. They always have a goal to fulfill, a calling, a vocation. I encourage physical exercise as one of the best tools to increase well-being, so I invite you to move your body. You don’t have to be an athlete, but you do have to be very persistent and consistent. Staying mentally active means challenging yourself, appreciating the opportunity to learn something new every day. Maintaining strong social connections and good personal relationships is essential for health and emotional well-being.

Food and Hydration: nothing more true than that of “you are what you eat.” An adequate amount of water and a diet rich in antioxidant foods (such as broccoli, green tea, tomato, dark chocolate, garlic) and anti-inflammatories (such as turmeric, ginger, olive oil, avocado, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish) are necessary not only to reduce wrinkles on the skin, but also your internal organs can function optimally, thus maintaining health and energy.

Sleep: the ideal is to have good sleep hygiene that consists of avoiding heavy meals late at night, taking an infusion, turning off all screens and lights two hours before sleeping, doing a relaxation ritual before going to bed , and thus be able to have 7 to 8 hours a day of quality sleep.

I hope that with these steps you too can find the fountain of youth. Find me on my social networks @lauraposadalifecoach where you will find more inspiration and motivation.