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How to Stay Positive in Times of Uncertainty

I can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that this is one of the most uncertain times that we have collectively lived in the last hundred years. We are a few months to end 2020 and we still do not have a solution for the COVID-19 pandemic, although important advances with respect to the development of effective vaccines and treatments are  closer every day,   the fact remains the same: we do not know when it will end and can bring  uncertainty, doubts and fears.

In light of this situation, even the most positive person in the world can feel momentarily dejected. Although this is absolutely normal, today I want to share four very simple things that you can do to recover, maintain and transmit that positive energy and good vibes that we so much need in the face of the uncertainty that we live as individuals and as a society.

Look for references in your past: it is very likely that you have already gone through very difficult situations previously and look at yourself today, you survived and here you are! Events such as September 11, 2001, the economic crisis of 2008, hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico in 2017 come to mind, all terrible tragedies that left us scars, but also made us stronger and more supportive human beings. Or maybe you had a personal experience that affected you. Well, none of that defeated you and this will not be able to it either. Remember that this too shall pass.

Use humor as an anti-stress weapon: it is always a good time to laugh and today more than ever. Search for comedy movies, watch funny videos on YouTube, share memes, jokes and jokes with your family and friends on WhatsApp, do laughter therapy, take on the absurd things we see every day with good humor. It is true that the virus is something very serious, but as long as you take good care of yourself, you can alleviate yourself with a little laugh that also helps you increase your defenses.

Help those who need it: I always say that helping others is helping yourself. Focusing on the needs of an older neighbor, for example, those who cannot go shopping, do it for them. It will create an environment of good energy and optimism in you and in them. Some ideas to increase that sense of usefulness and well-being are to help local businesses by shopping from them, send a gift by mail to someone you love, contact a person you have not heard from in a long time, send a coffee to the doorman of your building, etc.

Take a look at the good things in your daily life: at night, take some time to count the good and beautiful things that are part of your life, or that happened during the day.  News can sometimes be devastating, but during that moment focus on the things that you are grateful for, and for those that fill you with joy and for the desire of life.

That feeling is incompatible with any negativity you may have absorbed. And if this is not enough, I want you to think that today you have the privilege of being alive. Take advantage of all that, and enjoy your life as much as you can. In my social networks @lauraposadalifecoach you will find more reasons to feel very optimistic.