How to keep a good mood all day long

Keep yourself in a good mood when things go well is easy. The real challenge is to keep it on those bad days (or times) when everything goes downhill. Everything is a mess (or at least you think so!) and we have to find that inner strength that we need not to allow problems to erase that smile from our face. This does not mean that we cannot feel angry or sad at some point. It is inevitable, and also healthy and normal. What I am saying is that when you make a balance of the time you spend in a good mood, and the time you spend in a negative mood, the ideal result would be to spend much more time being happy, enjoying life.

Fake it ‘till you make it: it is very simple, smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Psychologists from the University of Cardiff, in a 2009 study, suggested that facial expressions reinforce emotions, either positive or negative. That is to say if you smile you will feel better. If you frown, you will feel worse. Good mood is also a habit and we have to cultivate it and strengthen it. Go to that meeting with friends, dress-up and show your best face, be certain that trouble is temporary; there is no point in worrying about something that has a solution, and if it doesn’t have one, why would you even worry?

You could use some bad memory: Sometimes having a great memory is not the best idea! Have a very selective memory. There are things (and people, and moments) that we definitively have to let go and forget, if you keep churning things in your mind they can transform into resentment and the only thing you’ll get is bitterness. So, take that out of your mind, as I always tell you, swap it for positive things. Did you have a terrible day when everything went wrong Close it in a positive way; listen to your favorite song (and sing it out loud!) on your way home, eat something delicious, relax, take a shower, watch your favorite show, make love with your partner, etc.

Get positive and pass it along: there are people that have a very strong inner light and when they get to a place, they brighten it up, they attract other people because they feel good around them. Do you want to be one of those people? You don’t have to try that hard, kindness can reach very far when used in its broader scope (empathy, sympathy, compassion, generosity) This is why it is always good to be surrounded by positive people, and get toxic and negative people out of life if you can.