How to have a successful job interview

Job interviews always make us a bit nervous, right? In a short period of time, we want to show the best of ourselves, our best image, to impress the interviewer and hopefully get that job that we really want. Ideally, we prepare ourselves in advance so as to appear confident and assertive and to increase our chances of success. Here, I’d like to give you a few short tips on how to handle this interview so that you succeed.

Pay close attention to your appearance and your clothing: To appear your most professional, choose suits in neutral colors (gray, blue) and, so it’s not boring, you can also add a bit of color to match your personality, but avoid suits that are too flashy, with prints or that are garish, and short skirts and low necklines (it’s not a party!). Equally, a discreet hairstyle and make-up are essential.

Study your CV well, reviewing your strengths and your possible weaknesses: Mentally prepare yourself to answer tough questions, like your weaknesses, and convert them into opportunities for improvement. Have answers to the usual questions ready, like why you left your last job (never speak badly about your previous company or boss!), what are your expectations for this new company or position, what can you bring to the company, what are your medium and long-term professional aspirations, and why you want to change your job.

Carry out research on the company: Not only should you know as much as you can about the particular industry and the company, you should also have prepared some questions to show the interviewer your interest, so the interview becomes a conversation that flows rather than a one-sided interrogation. Show that you know what you are talking about; generally, being proactive is one of the things that most impresses interviewers, so have a mental list of things you can bring to the company.

Turn up on time: Ideally, arrive before the time of the interview, even if you have to wait. This shows responsibility and interest, and it makes a great first impression.

During the interview, keep these points in mind: Make good eye contact with the interviewer, smile, sit without crossing your arms or legs and with an upright posture, be pleasant while maintaining professionalism (avoid bad jokes), listen attentively, don’t interrupt, don’t talk too much, and keep your tone of voice moderate, not too high or too low, and don’t forget to put your phone on silent!

Finally, remember that the impression you make in this interview will determine whether you get the job or if you remain in the selection process, so prepare and present yourself with all the conviction in the world.

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