How to promote your brand on social media

Remember the good times, when you had to physically take your resume to companies that interested you? I remember, but those days are gone. The Internet has transformed employment, now companies focus on your personal brand.

Before I explain the importance of a personal brand, what is it? A personal brand is a marketing tool most commonly used for products, now used for people. This tool allows you to transmit the image you want your followers to see, by allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The Internet can help you in various ways, whether that be to find a job yourself or to hire an independent contractor. The following tips will help you establish your personal brand:

Use social media: there is no easier way to meet other people, even if it is difficult to begin. Be savvy and smart about your selection, as you need to set the right tone for your next endeavor. For example, if you are looking for a job, then it is probably best to open a Linkedin account, not Snapchat. The Internet changes quickly, and with that social media. Be open to new changes and invest time and effort by creating the perfect profile that works best for you.

Create your own story: use pictures, videos, slogans, words, and colors to create a story, your story. Your message and design (photos, layout, etc) should be coherent and match your persona. This way, your followers will understand who you are and the message you are sending to the world.

Know your audience: building a loyal group of followers is a difficult and laborious job. Although difficult, many benefits can come out of it. Remember to post in an orderly fashion, engage your followers, maintain credibility, and post interesting content. Only by doing this can you gain a loyal group of followers.

Maintain your integrity: do not let five minutes of fame tarnish the reputation that you have worked really hard to achieve. The few followers you gain from this will not be worth your reputation’s demise.