How to Become Stronger During Quarantine

There is one reality: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to stay at home, for a time not yet defined.

As for your attitude towards what is going on, there are several options that depend solely on you. One, you can become paralyzed, stressed and desperate for not being able to go outside to do your normal daily activities. Or, you can take it as the opportunity to protect yourself, your loved ones and others from a disease that is wreaking around the world. Basically, this quarantine saves your life and others as well. Looking at it like this, the confinement doesn’t feel so terrible, does it?

I fully understand the emotions of anxiety, stress, sadness or fear that you may be feeling. We are all out of our element and can experience them. What I want is that, despite them, you do what is necessary to emerge stronger physically, mentally and spiritually from this mandatory quarantine.

Give your day some structure: nothing makes things worse than not having something to do. It is essential that both you and your family have a daily routine at home, so plan your activities for the day as much as possible. This includes a fixed schedule to get up, go to sleep, eat, dedicate themselves to the tasks that each one does on their own (your time alone, your children with homeschooling, for example) and the activities that you will do together (play on the patio, watch a movie together, etc.).

Use your free time productively: Usually our main excuse for not doing something is lack of time. Now that you have so much time on your hands, what is stopping you? This “forced vacation” can be your catalyst to do something you’ve always wanted. Get excited, visualize, plan, look for what you need, and get to work. Didn’t you have time to exercise before? Now you have plenty, so put on your sports clothes, dedicate an hour to your body and relieve yourself of all that accumulated stress. Eating well today is more important than ever. Pay attention to your nutrition and prepare delicious and healthy meals for you and for your family. Ask them to help you in the kitchen.

Use mental and spiritual enrichment tools: There are practices backed by many studies that show they improve mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. My favorites are deep breathing exercises, gratitude, visualization, mindfulness meditation (which helps you live  day to day). You can also practice music therapy, aromatherapy, paint mandalas, pray, do puzzles, take an online course, etc. Physical distancing doesn’t mean forgetting about your people. Increase your emotional well-being by keeping in touch with family and friends by phone, WhatsApp, video calls.

I am sure that after this confinement, we will not be the same again because we will be better and stronger. In my social networks @lauraposadalifecoach you will find more support to cope with this situation.