Flat Stomach at 40? It is possible!

As we get older, some tasks and goals become more difficult. Achieving a flat stomach is no exception; however, as the American Association of Physicians indicates because of a slower metabolism at age 40, you could be burning 300 calories less than you were at age 20. Additionally, a reduction of estrogen that occurs for us around menopause could result in a gradual decrease of our insulin sensitivity, denoting that we have more trouble managing our blood sugar levels, thus the emergence of those stubborn rolls around our waist. As a result, our stomachs grow in volume. Everything we eat goes to our bellies!

Now that I have ripped the band-aid off, how about some good news? While it is more difficult to have a flat stomach at 40, it is not an impossible task!

A healthy diet is as or more important than exercise: basically, there are five key steps to complete if you want a flat stomach. First, it is important to limit food that will bloat or increase the size of your stomach. This includes any dairy or soda if these cause problems for you. Second, you must remove all simple carbohydrates and substitute them for complex carbohydrates like whole grain cereal and some fruits and vegetables. Third, it is crucial to eat nuts and fish that contain Omega 3s in moderation and eat more fiber. Next, you should eat smaller portions coupled with lower levels of refined sugars and salt. You can learn how to properly execute these steps and more with my life-changing 21-day Transformation Program to secure your hard rock abs.

Less cardio, more strength, and resistance training: at 40, we begin to lose our muscular tissue and the one way to fight this is by lifting weights. Limit cardio (by a little) and focus on core exercises to increase your basal metabolism. Weights are not the only option; however, as pilates can emulate the effects of lifting weights. Similarly, my life-changing 21-day Transformation Program has an abdomen workout that you can do in the comfort of your home!

Say goodbye to stress and sleep better: stress and lack of sleep lead to an increase in weight. Not only do stress and lack of sleep steer you in the wrong direction, but these also cause many diseases and disorders. Sleep well and examine what helps you relieve stress. Is it sex? playing an instrument? meditating? cooking? Whatever it is, dedicate enough time to an activity that will help you, without guilt or worry of course. As a result, sleeping well and diminishing stress will yield positive and life-changing results.