Three reasons to practice mindfulness when you are 40 – Laura Posada


Three reasons to practice mindfulness when you are 40

Let’s talk a little bit about mindfulness, and why should we practice it (if we don’t do it already) or why would we practice it more, if we are lucky enough to bump into it.

Mindfulness refers to training our mind the same way we train our body. What for? The idea is to become fully aware of our own interior being, our thoughts, intentions, emotions, sensations and also those around us, the circumstances and people that surround us. It is about understanding the present moment and accepting, without judgment, criticism or guilt, what we feel and think in a particular moment. And then let it go, no holding back. We do this through a deep concentration and attention state that we can reach once we train our mind.

What I like the most of mindfulness is that we can develop, cultivate and increase three things I have always found essential to those in our forties. These are the things we work on very hard with my girls in my weekend retreats and my Transforming Program #40isthenew20.

  • It helps you being kinder and more compassionate with yourself: I always highlight the importance of not being so hard to ourselves. You make a little mistake, and who is your biggest critic? I bet yourself. It is studied that this practice will help you increase your compassion, you will feel more empathy with yourself in the first place, and then towards others as a natural consequence.
  • It improves your understanding of yourself and of others: Do you know what is truly liberating? Fully knowing what is our intention when we think, speak or do something; and understanding other people’s intention as well. Through mindfulness, we can dig beyond evident and reach deep understanding and insight states. This will positively impact your personal relationships.
  • Practicing mindfulness increases your sense of wellbeing and emotional stability people that usually practice this are less prone to emotional breakdowns, they feel calmer and less frustrated facing trouble. This will give you mental clarity to positively channel your emotions and focus on what really matters.

These are only the mental and emotional benefits of mindfulness, a practice that has also plenty of benefits for your physical health, but that we will talk about in another article.