How is yoga good for me after I am 40? – Laura Posada


How is yoga good for me after I am 40?

This practice has existed for ages, but, have you realized that it is trendy nowadays? That new yoga places are flourishing everywhere and they are always crowded? And also, have you noticed that most people that try it get hooked, wanting more and recommending it to everyone? Knowing that, some time ago I started practicing it and I totally recommend it!. Especially because I realized that it offers some spectacular benefits for us, women in their forties, and you know that I am always searching everything that makes us happier so that I can tell you about it.

  • Yoga is not just a physical practice, but also one about the spirit: it is not necessary to belong to a religious group but, if you are looking for a connection with a superior force and with your true self, if you are looking for inner peace, this can be just what you need. You exercise your body, your emotions, and your spirit at the same time. Did you know that spiritual people heal faster and better? Did you know that spiritual people feel more satisfied in general with their lives?
  • Yoga helps us alleviate the symptoms of menopause: research indicates that practicing yoga can help diminish heat flushes, it raises sexual desire, it improves mood and controls appetite since it relaxes the endocrine system, helping the body to adapt to hormonal changes. If you want a more natural way of dealing with these uncomfortable symptoms, or if you need something to complement your therapy or current medication, then you should give yoga a chance.
  • Yoga improves posture and increases flexibility and balance: on my social media posts and in my 21 day transforming program #40isthenew20 I insist on the importance of improving our body posture and flexibility. With osteopenia and osteoporosis knocking at our doors, it is essential to strengthen our bones to prevent fractures, also our muscles and joints. All of these are just some of many well known and documented benefits of yoga.

There are plenty of types of yoga. The important thing is that you try some of these until you find the one that you like the most and the one you need.