Four reasons to go on a retreat – Laura Posada


Four reasons to go on a retreat

With this frantic pace of life, every now and then we need to give ourselves a rest, stop for a second and give ourselves a break for the sake of our physical, mental and spiritual health. Of course, we could take a vacation with the whole family and even take the pet, but often family vacations, although they are wonderful, can leave us more exhausted than we were at the beginning of the trip.

So, I want you to consider going on a retreat as an alternative, and here I would like to give you four reasons why this transformative experience could be the best option to give your body, mind and spirit, and your life in general, this inner peace that you need at this time.

  • Retreats are holidays, but with an intention: In other words, you will enjoy yourself, you will rest, you will laugh, you will probably exercise in an exotic and beautiful place, but you will also go with the aim of reflecting on your life, and this is what can really help you to look inside yourself and get to know yourself better, so you know what changes you need to make to feel happier and more fulfilled.
  • You will share with people who are on the same quest as you are: Learning about their lives, situations, circumstances and why they are there can shed more light on your own situation. And, also, maybe you’ll make new friends, who can become a support system for you in the future.
  • You have access to professional guidance in many areas: In general, retreats have professional experts who can offer you techniques, strategies and advice for dealing with some particular aspect of your life which is causing worry or concern or that you wish to improve.
  • In short, going on retreat is the best gift you can give yourself: It is a time to focus on yourself, to find ways to be a better person. The idea is that you return home with another perspective and with a roadmap for your new life.

In my case, at 39 I stopped believing the false idea that at 40 my life would be over. I couldn’t allow this idea to take control of my life, and so I decided to change my mindset and to challenge my body. That’s why now I want to show you how you can do this with the “40 is the new 20” Retreat.