Don't let bad weather affect your mood! – Laura Posada


Don’t let bad weather affect your mood!


One way or another, weather can affect us a little or a lot, even though it does not affect everyone the same way. Cold weather, cloudy sky, windy or rainy days makes us feel san in general terms. With little energy mainly due to the lack of sunlight. We need some sunlight to feel good, with energy and vibrant! But we cannot always have it.

In the most extreme cases, it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), that it is basically a depression that starts at the beginning of Fall and disappears when Spring arrives. It is related to having shorter days in winter and a lack of sunlight, which affects many biochemical processes in the body. In these cases, it is always necessary to seek medical attention.

On the other hand, when summer arrives at very high temperatures, hot days can make us feel more cranky and short-tempered. In fact, there are statistics that show more violent crimes when there are high temperatures. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where Winter is not that cold and Summer is not that hot, I mean, eternal Spring? This would allow us to spend more time outdoors, to be more active, to socialize more. Well, it costs nothing to dream, but since finding that place is too difficult because there aren’t many places like that, I give you here very simple tips to avoid being affected by bad weather.

Exercise: being active is an excellent option to produce the necessary endorphins to tackle depression and sadness. Besides, when we exercise our sleep quality improves, it also helps us stay in our weight and it improves our focus. So, move that body!

Vitamin Supplements: supplements can help you with this condition because they include vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, B complex, melatonin, and 5’HTP. Using light therapy that can be found in some specialized medical centers can be useful as well. Remember to talk to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Going out with family and friends: even if it is cold outside and you are not in the mood, set your mind to going out, participate and socialize with your family and friends in these days. This will make you feel better and forget for a while any negative feeling that you might get from the weather, you might even enjoy the outing.

Coloring: this may sound weird, but when you have to stay at home you can color some mandalas! There are coloring books with mandalas that are great to relax, just give them a chance.