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Did You Lose Your Job to The Pandemic? This Can Help You!

COVID-19 is having devastating effects on the economy, specifically on employment. Due to the confinement that most countries have been forced to impose, sectors that generated many jobs such as hotels and tourism, restaurants and bars, commerce and shops, massive sporting and artistic events, and more have been paralyzed. In April 2020, the International Labor Organization (ILO) reported that 195 million jobs have been lost globally in just three months. It is critical, particularly for Latin America, one of the worst affected regions.

If you lost your job in the middle of this crisis, I want you to read this carefully. I understand the fear you may going thru of having lost your livelihood; it is normal to experience these emotions in the face of so much uncertainty. But if you think creatively and take the right steps, I assure you that you can achieve goals that in other circumstances you would not have even considered. Here are four ideas that can help you turn this obstacle into an opportunity to live better and happier.

Look for the Subsidies and Financial Aid to which You are Eligible: the first thing is to solve the urgency of income. Most countries are offering unemployment compensation, aid for food, housing, utilities, transportation, etc. Find out in your country’s social security if you are eligible to receive unemployment income and what other subsidies that are been offered due to the pandemic. This will allow you to live a few months while you prepare a plan and put it into action.

Use Your Contacts and Social Networks: networking is one of the oldest, but most effective ways to get a job. Inform everyone you know (family, friends, ex-colleagues, ex-bosses) that you are actively looking for a job. In social media, I’ve seen many people offering their professional services on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, multiplying their chances of receiving an offer. So, update your resume and start calling all your contacts.

Create Your Own Venture: maybe it is something you have always wanted to do and have not dared. Now life gave you the push you needed to start your own business. Just as there are sectors that are paralyzed, there are others that are producing more money than ever, such as prepared food services, home delivery, manufacture of original masks, online sales. What does your community need right now? How can you make life easier for others? It is a matter of finding that need and filling it with a good product or service and it will sell itself.

Explore the Possibility of Working as a Freelancer: if you have a special skill or talent that may be useful to someone else, sign up on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Workana, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, among others, to connect with potential clients and projects. This option has an additional advantage since most of the time you can do the work from home and in your free time.

Put these ideas into practice and I assure you that you will stabilize financially faster than you think. In my social networks @lauraposadalifecoach you will find more motivation to face the effects of the pandemic.