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Celebrations in times of COVID-19? Here are some ideas!

It is true that this new virus has turned our world, and the whole world, upside down, but life goes on and must go on: we continue to celebrate our birthdays, young people continue to graduate, couples continue to marry, and in short, we still have many reasons to celebrate achievements and life, perhaps even more than before.

For children in particular, it is important to find new and original ways to celebrate special days and create those memories that will last a lifetime. So, here are some creative ideas that can help you have an unforgettable celebration despite the coronavirus. Are you ready?

Outdoor Activities: A Japanese study of 100 cases found that the chances of contracting the coronavirus are almost 20 times higher indoors than outdoors. So, with the necessary precautionary measures (such as the use of masks, social distancing and hand disinfection) you can pack a delicious meal with sweets, hats, whistles and streamers, invite a small group of friends of yours and your children and venture out on a hike in a nearby national park, have a picnic in a beautiful forest or beach, or have a tournament at a local mini golf with prizes for the honoree and the winners.

A Car Caravan with Serenade: Coordinate with friends and family to make a great car caravan to surprise your loved one. Everyone should stay in their car, but they can honk the horn, bring banners, and give you a little serenade with a stereo and speakers from outside your home.

A “virtual” Party: Video conferencing is not just for business meetings. In times of COVID they have become one of the main tools to keep us connected with the people we care about, especially if they are far away. Set up a time with your kids, friends, and family to connect to play music, sing happy birthday, or cut a cake at home. To make it more entertaining and interesting, you can create a quiz game about the birthday boy for others to answer, and then mail a prize to those who got the most correct answers.

“Yes” to Everything Day: Want an extra cup of your favorite ice cream? Yes, it is possible! Do you want to go to sleep an hour later? Yes, it is possible!  Want to slightly exceed the screen time limit to play your favorite video game? Allow your child to choose their special day’s activities (within reason) to make sure they never forget.

A Themed Dinner: Prepare a styled dinner. It could be Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Arabic style or whatever theme your children like the most. Prepare or order take out, decorate the dinner with objects allusive to the theme (you can get many decorative items online in places like dollar stores), play the appropriate music and dress up as a waiter to attend the honoree. It will be a night that will remain forever in their memory.

There you have some ideas so that COVID does not prevent us from continuing to celebrate life. If you want more advice to increase your well-being and that of yours, find me on my social networks @lauraposadalifeacoach.