A stress-free gym bag

Often times, I stress over what I should take to the gym. What if I leave something at home that I might need during my workout? To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you take everything you might need. Although your gym bag may be heavier, this is a great exercise! However, as an experienced health professional, the following equipment/tools will help keep you safe by preventing injuries and make your gym bag lighter.

Footwear: it is important to select shoes that are comfy inside and firm outside to allow you to move freely and comfortably. I recommend buying one high-quality pair of shoes instead of multiple low-quality pairs.

Clothing: you should take your gym clothes, clean underwear, and the clothes that you plan on wearing after the gym. I recommend buying gym clothes that are made of synthetic materials rather than cotton which retain sweat and a sticky sensation.

Headphones: if you like working out with headphones (like I do), then I recommend that you buy some that are water and sweat resistant. Alos a plus is that they connect via bluetooth and wireless.

Towels: although some gyms offer towels, it is cleaner and safer to bring your own. Please clean up after you finish working out in a machine or station. I would also recommend that you bring sandals and an extra towel to dry yourself after the shower.

Personal items: a traveling kit is a must when you go to the gym! In here, you can take shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, makeup, brushes, and even tampons!

Water and healthy snacks: a bottle of water can serve two purposes: either water and/or a protein shake. A healthy snack can be an apple, banana, pistachios, and even a protein bar!