Coach Laura's Inspiring Story

I graduated from Loyola University with a bachelor in Communications as well as Loyola’s College of Law. After completion of my studies I worked as an attorney barred in the state and federal courts. I was working mostly on bankruptcy cases, and I realized that my work truly had an impact on peoples’ lives. It gave them a second chance. They had an opportunity to start over. They had a chance to change.

Timeline First

During that time I met my husband Jorge Posada who was starting his career as the catcher for the New York Yankees. We decided to get married and move to New York for the baseball season. My plan was to take the New York bar exam and continue working as an attorney. However, in the midst of studying I got pregnant with my first son. I thought it would be ok. My plan could still work. Ironically, my life took a totally different turn the day our son was born. He was born with craniosynostosis a condition that occurs when the bones surrounding the brain fuse together before the brain has stopped growing. He was immediately diagnosed, but his first surgery was scheduled for 9 months later.

The doctor explained it was a life threatening surgery so for nine months I couldn’t do anything but WAIT! Needless to say it was the toughest challenge of my life. After feeling sorry for myself for months I finally realized that I needed to be strong for my son and for our whole family and that being sad wasn’t going to change the facts. My son had his first 12 hour-long surgery and 8 more after that… one almost once a year. Yes, it was hell but I found a way to be strong and survive all the chaos. I changed the way I viewed life, pain, hope and love. Today my son is a healthy boy who taught me the biggest lesson of my life and made me the woman I am today. Dealing with his condition motivated me to start a Foundation to help other families dealing with the same situation. I became a mentor and again with other moms that became mentors too we changed lives!

Through the Foundation I started receiving tons of emails from parents asking for support. They had all kinds of questions, but they all had a common theme. They were all looking for change, guidance, inspiration and motivation. They were all looking for a way to smile and have hope and live a happy healthy life. It motivated me to write the book The Beauty of Love that was published in 2010 by Simon and Schuster where with my husband we tell the story of our experience with this condition and how the power of love can conquer all.

In 2011 I started co-producing and hosting my TV show Survival Guide with Laura Posada where I would visit families to help them deal with a huge range of issues. In the situations where I felt I had enough expertise I dealt with the matter myself while in other cases I brought experts in other fields to assist in the transformation. Since then I have worked with many families and I have seen amazing positive results. I found my passion. I know what truly inspires me. I want to change lives. Therefore today, I am proud to be a certified wellness coach!

As a coach my work has a huge impact in people’s lives. Anyone can definitely benefit from coaching even extremely successful individuals. Coaching is an excellent avenue for those who don’t wish to be analyzed or go to therapy and talk about the past. Instead, the coach will be there to help them reach a goal by focusing on where they intend to go. The coach will help you move forward. The coach will be a mile ahead motivating and encouraging you for a brighter future. In an ideal and well-established coaching relationship the impact is limitless. By helping people maximize their goals coaching changes lives. I have created a simple 4-step approach to coaching which can be applied in different scenarios depending on your needs.

As a coach I enjoy working with men and women of all ages and also families. Since all form of communication with me, as your coach is strictly confidential this gives you the opportunity to open up without fear of judgment from anyone. My job is to be your sounding board and help you evolve and transition to the life you want. In a comfortable space I will fully support you and help define your goals. We will discuss and explore all scenarios, resources and possibilities. As a coach, I will teach you tools to utilize so you can reach your full potential and live your life happy and fulfilled. As your coach, I am dedicated and committed to your success.

Change takes time, dedication and hard work but if you take the first step today you’re already one-step closer to the life you dream of. I clap for Change! Now, let’s clap together along the way as we celebrate all the victories that await you in this new journey of change and transformation.