Anyone who says, “Once you turn 40, it’s all downhill!” has no idea what they’re talking about.

Believe me, I was one of them.

Are you approaching your forties and seeking a big change in your life? It's possible! Introducing #40isthenew20, a 21 day-long transformative program for men and women who are determined to make their forties the most rewarding time of their lives.

I'm Laura Posada, professional life coach and motivational speaker. In my forties, I felt the need to have a comprehensive program with the best practices of fitness, nutrition and motivation. That's why I designed this plan with all the keys you need to make your fourth decade the happiest time of your life. This program covers everything, you will need nothing more!


  • Along with Robert Brace , the famous trainer of Victoria's Secret models, we will guide you through focused training videos.
  • Power your abdominals, tone your arms, enhance that booty, and strengthen your whole body with these fun guided fitness routines.
  • Learn and practice • the revolutionary and innovative interval training, which will make you burn fat much faster!
  • Each training session is only 20 minutes long , can be done anywhere, is suitable for people with or without fitness experience and does not require special equipment.


  • A comprehensive guide with the best advice about which foods to eat and which ones should be avoided.
  • More than 60 recipes (a great variety of breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners) to eat healthy and delicious. Includes three grocery shopping lists.
  • My secrets to manage the consumption of alcohol and refined sugar.
  • The best vitamins and supplements for your forties.

  • Motivation

  • Eating well and exercising regularly is just not enough, we must turn our mind into our best ally!
  • 21 short videos, one for each day, to accompany you on topics such as self-esteem, relationships, goals, commitment, gratitude, how to connect with ourselves, and much more.
  • I provide you the strategies and keys to what has worked in my own life!
  • #40isTheNew20 is about leveraging your power, changing your mindset and living a healthy and fulfilling life, no matter your age!

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